.Net Backend Developer

  • Full Time
  • Malta

Website Anima Systems LTD

We are looking for a .Net developer with experience working with the following:

  • Backend Programs – You should have the ability to be able to program backend programs that run in the background and does not interface with front-end applications.
  • Data Manipulation – A large amount of things the .Net programmer will be doing is data manipulation. Small, but important such things might be how to properly capitalize “ThiS WOrd”. Or another example would be taking the text from a Web page and stripping it of HTML. Another example is taking a plain text file, and sorting it by the keyword density (most commonly found words on that page.)
  • Java Script / CSS – You should have a very good understanding of HTML, Java Script and CSS – being able to do this on many different projects we work on.
  • API Experience – Many of our programs “piggyback” off of existing programs and technologies. You will need to be familiar with accessing external data sources (Databases, Web Services, Program APIs) and be able to leverage other technologies for faster and more stable development.
  • SQL Statements / MySQL – We do heavy work with the MySQL database. You should have knowledge of how to SELECT, UPDATE and INSERT from a SQL Database using .Net – so you can access and manipulate data from within .Net itself. Advanced database work will be critical to long term success.

Beneficial additional skills

The following are not absolutely required, but we do expect candidate to know some of the following:

  • Multi-Threaded Applications – Multi threaded applications that help applications be fast and stable.
  • Internet Technologies – You should have a very good understanding of underlying net technologies such as Email, DNS, FTP, Encryption, SSL, etc.
  • Socketed Connections – Working with socketed connections both for outbound communications, but also to listen to inbound communications as well.
  • Logical Thinking / Problem Solving – A very good ability to look at complex tasks and break them down to the logical framework that will allow the task to be completed successfully.

To apply for this job please visit animasystems.com.