About us

Shall we talk about the elephant in the living room?

If any of the major providers supply you with a gaming platform then your data is held on their back-end.

To be quite blunt, you don’t really own your business… they do.

Your clients love the casino but would prefer another sports-book and have repeatedly asked you to integrate another poker platform? Tough. That would be against your provider’s best interests, therefore it’s not an option.

What can you do?

Well… you could leave of course, in which case you will quickly discover who really owns your customers. Let us know how the data recovery went.


We’ve all been there.

As a matter of fact, we have developed Anima as a direct result of our own frustration with traditional solutions and processes.

Anima is founded on a simple principle:

In order to thrive in this business you need to able to offer clients exactly what they want, when they want it.

Because if you can’t, someone else will.

Anima tears down all operational barriers to deliver a one-stop platform with innovative gaming solutions and promotional tools that are unavailable elsewhere, providing:

  • complete access to the software
  • data-hosting on servers of your choice
  • limitless product integration
  • innovative gaming solutions
  • innovative promotional tools

We deliver a turnkey solution which allows you to integrate any industry leading product to a platform that you fully own and control yourself.

With Anima, you control the outcomes!